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Originally Posted by KGS View Post
You could be right with Temminck´s and I guess it is the dark-looking head/breast and that makes you think so. Things that look less good for Temminck´s and in my opinion could favour RN are long (especially tibia) and dark-looking legs and heavy rump
Indeed the dark breast (not limited to the side) leaving only a small white patch to the chin is pro-Temminck's. The upperparts are uniformely grey (RNS with darkish center to the scapulars); likewise the crown looks uniform (streaked on RNS).
Regarding the legs: being in the shade, I don't think their colour can be accurately gauge but they don't look that dark to me anyway and Temminck's stint may appear longer-legged than expected at times: .
Fianally the prominent eye-ring and the bill shape with a tappering tip looks much better for Temminck's.

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