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So New Year's day was much more leisurely this year. I arrived to pick my father up at 07:45 and he was still in the shower. Took the opportunity to have another cup of coffee

Headed straight to Fforest Ganol in the hope of bagging a lifer for my old man. No such luck however as the heavens opened and we retreated to the car. We decided to head to Forest Farm and sit in the hide to get out of the rain. The rain soon eased off and luckily we bumped in to Gareth, a park warden there. Coincidentally I follow Gareth on Twitter so it was good to put a face to the name. Gareth was amazingly helpful and showed us to where he'd seen a Hawfinch earlier. After a quick search, there he was. My old man was absolutely chuffed as it was the lifer he was after- cheers Gar

Next we headed to Kenfig as it was on the way home. Again bumped into a couple of people I follow on Twitter so again, it was great to to put faces to names. Good to meet you Graham and Ed The birder from Newport was also good company though I missed his name. All in all it was very enjoyable few hours birding with my father.

Anyway. The short list for the day was as follows:

1. Tawny Owl
2. Robin
3. Blackbird
4. Rook.
5. Carrion Crow
6. Wood Pigeon
7. Jackdaw
8. Magpie
9. Common Buzzard
10. Herring Gull
11. Nuthatch
12. Great Tit
13. Coal Tit
14. Blue Tit
15. Long-tailed Tit
16. Marsh Tit (in the garden)
17. Wren
18. Greater Spotted Woodpecker
19. Chaffinch
20. Greenfinch
21. Hawfinch
22. Dunnock
23. House Sparrow
24. Bullfinch
25. Cettis Warbler
26. Mallard
27. Grey Heron
28. Kingfisher
29. Great Crested Grebe
30. Little Grebe
31. Slavonian Grebe
32. Coot
33. Moorhen
34. Starling
35. Pochard
36. Canada Goose
37. Tufted Duck
38. Gadwall
39. Black-headed Gull
40. Feral Pigeon
41. Cormorant
42. Mute Swan
43. Goldcrest
44. Goosander
45. Jay
46. Collared Dove

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