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Originally Posted by NDhunter View Post
It is easy to get used to however they focus.

Hard for me to understand why this is an issue at all.

If this is a problem for you, that means you need more practice with different binoculars.

Generally, I agree but it's harder for me when the focus direction differs from the +/- direction of the eyepiece diopter control.
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Now that's a good one! I guess you are using both the focus wheel and diopter compensation ring at the same time: that should give you an IF bin.

I agree with Jerry and other posters that the focusing direction is a minor problem, but I am wondering why we do not have a single standard? Does anybody have an explanation? I thought it was "tradition" but I now doubt that: I have a Vixen Atrek 8x25 (btw, a very good compact) that focuses CW to infinity, and Vixen recently released a new version Atrek II 8x25 that focuses CCW,. Why did they change? To please everybody?

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