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Also being left or right handed?
That shouldn't matter, should it? Btw, I am right handed but am using the index finger of the left hand to turn the wheel (it feels safer to hold the bins using the right hand).

If I were to guess I would say that most people prefer CW focusers, some are indifferent / can adapt to CCW focusers, and only a minority seem to prefer CCW. If this guess is true then why so many manufacturers produce bins with CCW focusers, and some of them produce only such bins? It can hardly be a design reason, then what is it?

I like the way Phil put it in a previous post:
"I just turn the focus wheel in the direction it needs to go at that moment, and don't much worry about which direction it happens to be....... "
It's my approach too, but sometimes you KNOW that it should go towards infinity, for instance, and then you have to think for a fraction of a sec: does it run CCW or CW?

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