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Originally Posted by iveljay View Post
If you go back to manual focussing cameras, at one time they all pretty well all focussed 'counter clockwise' it made sense, from the front you turned the lens as you would a wood screw moving it into the camera and hence towards infinity focus.
Many binocular manufacturers basically copied that, so their customers who had cameras didn't have to change the way they focussed. Later Nikon broke ranks and focussed their cameras the other way. (Patent issues I believe)
This is how it was explained to me donkeys years ago and it made sense at the time.
Nikon SLR and rangefinder cameras have always focused clockwise to infinity, just like the Zeiss Contax I with its Tessar and Sonnar lenses as early as in the 30's.
There is, however, one important difference between how a MF camera lens and a binocular are focused.

The camera lens is supposed to rest in the left hand like in a cradle, and the lens is focused from below. The focus knobs of binoculars are ususally focused with the right index finger on top of the knob, operating it from above.

Some binoculars like the Meostar 8x32 (and the Zeiss Dialyt Classic 7x42?) leaves space for the thumb to assist the index finger by pinching the knob between the index finger and the thumb. But, this is an exception and differs from the way a camera lens is intended to be operated.

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