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I had a manfrotto 7322 CY ,in carbon with integrated ball head,total weight 1100g..i liked it for hiking but with Four sections lega,the smaller one was very a biro really ,and i didnt find the tripod very stable if i wasnt holding the rig,...but it was super compact and incredible strong ...i sold it and bought a...mmm..MK3940something( impossible to remember the model ,since manfrotto has been changing these "digital" series models every year i guess)..anyway ,its very similar in design ,with triangular leg and column profile ,but in aluminun,like a shark skin grey finish,1400 gr with integrated ball head also,taller its a BIT more stable when free standing ..
All in all ,i regret the change and reccomend the 7322CY,for its more resilient material properties and minimalistic approach ,inexpensive too.probably now extinguished as a model altogether but perhaps possible to find as second hand or old stock,or resucitated under another nomenclature.
Anyway ,small carbon tripod ,ball head.
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