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My minimalist rig is the Velbon Ultra Luxi with Really Right Stuff BH-25 Pro ballhead. I like this rig because it is very light weight, very fast to deploy, and can be set very tall or all the way to ground level.

Note that the Ultra Luxi is now called the Ultra 455. The smaller Ultra Maxi (which some ED50 users prefer) is now the Ultra 355. There is a new Ultrek (UT) series that is even more compact than these. If one were tempted to go with the Ultra Maxi over the Ultra Luxi, it might be worth considering the new UT-43DII instead.

Velbon is forever slightly switching specs and model names but this time I think they made a terrible marketing mistake because models/names like the Ultra Maxi are iconic and have a lot of positive momentum/reviews (over the last ~20 years), which the casual consumer won't realize transfer to the new model name.

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