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I owned a pair of these back in thge 80's. They were something of an oddity in the Trinovid line-up. I beleive they were the only 7X35 Leitz/Leica ever made and must have been designed mainly for the US market where the 7X35 was much more popular than in Europe. They were identical to the 8X40 Trinovid except for using a smaller, shorter focal length objective with a shorter objective tube which reduced the magnification from 8X to 7X. For some reason their "street" price at the time was always less than the other Trinovids, $400-450 compared to $600-700 in about 1988. Trinovids were beautifully made, but unfortunately never used multi-coating or phase correction so they are rather dim and unsharp compared to good modern bins. I would not be inclined to use them much if they are in mint condition because of their value to collectors, and I wouldn't store them in the leather case because that can encourage fungal growth. I have a friend with a 20 year old pair of the 8X40's. They have been all over the world and are quite beat up, but still pristine inside.

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