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I have owned a pair of these for about 20 years. Trinovids were made from 1963 until the introductin of the current BN line. (I own 2 pairs of BN models and an older 6x24 trinovid, as well as some older Leitz binoculars from the 50's). the 7x35 is a great all around instrument. It has a wide field (150M) and is very steady to hold. I am sorry they don't still offer them in an Ultravid, since for many uses they are about as good as it gets, with an exit pupil as large as most of us can hope to use (5mm) and are relatively small and light. I have replaced them in daily us with an 8x32 BN, but they are still pretty darn good. I am not sure they needed phase coatings since they were not a true roof prism. The prism goes into the center of the instrument and the light does not cross the same path twice as in a roof prism. Catalogues of the era claim they are fully coated, but I do not know for sure. The apear very slightly dimmer than a current instrument, but not by much and their sharpness is pretty close. They have a reasonably high value to collectors , but are still useable by almost any measure.
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