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Ficedula narcissina complex

Molecular phylogeny and systematic revision of the Ficedula narcissina complex.

L. Dong, X. Huang, M. Wei, P. Alström, U. Olsson and Y.Y. Zhang

The taxonomy of Ficedula narcissina complex, endemic in East Asia, is highly debated because of the bewildering similarity of the taxon in morphological and acoustic characters. Three designated species are broadly accepted at present, which include Ficedula zanthopygia, F. narcissina (consisting of two subspecies, F. n. narcissina and F. n. owstoni) and F. elisae. Here, we provide the first molecular phylogenetic revision for these taxa in combination with a morphological and sonagraphic analysis. Reconstructed using three mitochondrial genes and three nuclear markers (in total 3,541 bp), both the gene and species trees corroborated the recently suggested splitting of F. elisae from F. narcissina, and an exclusive monophyly of the four operational taxonomic units. The corrected genetic distance of the bar-coding gene (COI) between F. n. narcissina and F. n. owstoni was 2.8%, which indicated a similar degree of divergence with the sister species F. albicollis and F. hypoleuca (2.2%). All taxa within the complex can be distinguished by several spectral and structural song parameters, and a discriminant analysis also indicated significant morphological differences. Our comprehensive systematic revision thus confirmed that F. elisae deserves the species status, and moreover suggested that the two subspecies in F. narcissina should also be considered two diagnosable species.

26th International Ornithological Congress 2014, Tokyo
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