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Atlas and Iberian Pied Flycatchers

Originally Posted by Motmot View Post
I see that iberiae is still kept as a ssp of Pied Fly, even though it clearly looks visually closer to Atlas Fly. Is there any specific work going on about the position of iberian birds?
Originally Posted by Richard Klim View Post
Taylor 2006 (HBW11) comments: "Race iberiae sometimes considered unwarranted, being merely an intergrade between latter [speculigera] and nominate [hypoleuca]".
A major paper on the identification of Atlas (Pied) Flycatcher Ficedula speculigera by Andrea Corso et al. is due to be published in the forthcoming issue of Dutch Birding.

The editor Arnoud B. van den Berg wrote:
One of the conclusions of the paper is that both Atlas speculigera and Iberian Pied Flycatcher F h iberiae are so variable in morphology that they can only be identified with 100% certainty by a DNA sample or by call differences.
Many thanks to Arnoud and of course to Andrea and his colleagues.

p.s. although I received this in a internal email, I thought I would share this with you since it's already near the publication date. Also, for those of you who are not subscribers, it's time to subscribe to this great birding journal who do their best to serve the WP birding community. (I think many in this forum will agree with me in this).
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