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Originally Posted by Nutcracker View Post
One of the great mysteries of birding is that BOURC cite Ruddy Shelduck as a potential Category C5 (vagrant from an established introduced population elsewhere), yet don't actually accept any of the many individuals recorded in Britain as such. They seem to think there's a mass escape of this species from zoos every summer . . .

Though it should probably be in Cat A from the big invasion a decade or two ago which came via Scandinavia (where it is extremely rare as a captive), likely from central Asia originally.
Agreed. I've seen Ruddy Shelduck at Tring Reservoirs in the winters of 1995 and 1996. In my view, these were good candidates for vagrant birds from the introduced Scandinavian population (the site harbours good numbers of winter migrant wildfowl), but I cannot (well, choose not to!) include them in my British list due to the BOU's stance. Just where does the BOURC think all the escaped Ruddy Shelduck in the UK come from?!
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