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Lol ! All I am permitted to say is that anyone hankering for a triple bridge 32mm SF is wishing for a bridge too far ......

Interesting snippets from the vault ...... from 2014 no less! :) ..... search for 32mm, or 32SF, etc
Originally Posted by ticl2184 View Post
I agree... Nice to have a large FOV.....Without distortion preferably, otherwise,, whats the point??

When I spoke to Dr Dobbler at Birdfair, we discussed a future 8x32 SF with a fov of over 150m and a 10x32 of 130m plus....

Cheers Tim
Originally Posted by ticl2184 View Post
Yes, In my conversation, I asked if there would be a 32mm SF version with a greater fov than 150m plus for the 8x and 130m for the 10x. He confirmed this....

There was no time frame attached to these models release though sadly. But I think it would be a fair guess thats its goin be 2016 or

Cheers Tim
At this rate I think it will be a race between Brexit and the 32mm SF to see which one gets here first ...... !


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