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Originally Posted by Pinewood View Post

Would anyone care to comment on what he considers to be the useful lifetime of an "alpha" binocular and even how often a manufacturer should redesign a product? Perhaps, time to upgrade is solely dependent on the introduction of new technology. The short lived, original Zeiss Victory, not the FL line, was rather unimpressive. The FL line claimed to reduce chromatic aberration and a better colour rendition and had a generally positive reception. The SF line's improvements were better ergonomics and wider field. Was that enough to encourage anyone to an early upgrade?

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Hi Arthur,

In my opinion, forever! I'm perfectly happy with my alpha binoculars, which include Swaro, Zeiss, Leica, and Swift products. They're all over 10 yrs. old and stood the test of time. The last "upgrades" that Swarovski and Swift introduced were actually downgrades, e.g., the 8x42 SLC, and last Swift 804ED Audubon, from which I learned a sobering lesson: Achieving the ultimate can hurt business, so always leave flaws to improve upon in the future.

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