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John, Many thanks for the B&L data which arrived yesterday, along with the 5 dollars!
The weather has been really miserable here today, unremitting rain in the middle of what is supposed to be an 'official drought'. The birds in my garden have been dashing out of the trees and shrubs, snatching morsels of food from the lawn, then running for cover again. As a result of this wet weather, everything is even greener than usual in Chester.
I did a 'Google Earth' on White Sulphur Springs and it looks like you don't get much rain in your neck of the woods. I also see you're not far north of the Bozeman Trail, another memory from my 'Wild West Annual' nostalgia. I was fascinated by native tribes, such as those of the Sioux Nation: Oglala, Minneconjou, Hunkpapa, and loved to read all about famous Chiefs like Red Cloud and Sitting Bull. When in Arizona in 2003 I visited a Navajo reservation, and still have one of their 'sand art' pictures stuck on my fridge door, next to one from Warsaw, commemorating the ghetto...
Anyway, enough of this reminiscing! I'll publish the data you sent so anyone can use it. Thanks again, Jim.
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