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Originally Posted by Beaglet View Post
This is an old thread, but I have 3 pairs of old B&L Discoverer binoculars, so I must be in the right place. I've checked each (a 7X35, an &X50 and a 10X50) against the list that John and James provided (thanks!) but they each have a 5 digit number, with no suffix or prefix. This is contrary to the 4 digit number with a double letter prefix or suffix.
Can anyone shed some light on this id problem? Thanks.
Hate to raise your concern, but in the past, there were Zeiss Jena copies produced in Japan post WW2 (not entirely illegitimately apparently, long story) that usually had 6 digit serial numbers, while the authentic ones had 7 digit numbers. B&L was also a highly regarded brand, so I'd wonder if there was an effort to create copies there as well.

Hopefully one of the better informed members of the forum can shed light on this.
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