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I went back to that Sportsman's warehouse today. I had to buy some other stuff, but looked at the optics again. I think Tero is on to something with the diopter. The 8x36 EX I'd been looking at last week was all messed up with its diopter adjustment. The optics were still fine and the diopter wold still focus, but it had shifted from being in focus at just a tiny bit + diopter to need ing to be at +3 to focus. I know the life of a display binocular is a tough one, but the other glass I had looked at was still OK.

Now a bit of correction on my last post. The focus locks with a motion like the diopter adjustment on the center focus wheel. Posting from memory mislead me. Tero's right the diopter is the standard sort of a right side adjustment.

If not for that diopter, I may have bought one for jollies. My curiosity is now satisfied.

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