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I got a set.

I like the smaller Open Bridge design. I've been liking the full size open bridge bins I've been using but was a bit skeptical about the smaller ones. Nice hand grip. Fingers fit nicely around the bin and the bridge sections are nicely shaped so they don't dig into the hands.

The box, case and little bag the bins come in are nice for gifts. Bushnell learning from the Elite.

But the down side is the optics aren't as good as the optics in "regular" Excursion or the Vortex Diamondback (same/similar optics). Much more CA including in regular use in the center of the image (perhaps the worst I've seen in a roof?). Fair amount of stray light too (not as bad a the Promaster 8x32 but getting up there) worse than the Diamondback 8x42 by a little bit. The combination of the two effects meant I had to return it.

Say compared to the (cheaper on sale) Pentax HS 8x36 the Excursion EX 8x36 bin is worse optically. The Pentax is less blue in color. Sharper. More contrast. And controls stray light very well (perhaps due to it's narrower FOV: 6.5 degrees rather than 8 degrees. It's ergonomics are very good too though the Pentax is longer (higher f/number objectives may be helping the view). Perhaps the best $200 roof out there right now (overall I liked them better than the Diamondback).

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