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Originally Posted by james holdsworth View Post
Remember, these birder numbers usually include people that may occasionally watch birds at their feeders, yards etc., and [as a result] are vastly overstated in terms of what we would consider a ''birder.''
True, there are lots of those people who put a feeder up and watch only occasionally and I understand you're talking about these types.

However, there are also those backyard bird watchers who engage more intensely by spending quite a bit of money attracting birds to their yard and e-birding their patch totals daily. They'll also spend money on a pair or two of binoculars. These types probably bird watch more than I do since I only have the weekends, days off work and sometimes find time before work or on lunch to go to a local spot. So, I wouldn't discount "backyard birders" since some are just as passionate about their hobby...they just don't travel to see birds.
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