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More organized politically w/much more money to peddle influence.

How many bin manufacturers do not sell rifle scopes?

How many offer more bin models than rifle scope models?

Would the prevailing logic be to offer more models in the area that sells the most or the least?

As well I do not attempt to pit one side against the other either as conservation is embraced by birder & hunter alike.

Open seasons are regulated by state and federal government somewhat dependent on estimation of harvested game and current population be it hunting or fishing. Hunters/fishermen have very limited influence.

You are welcome to your opinion, but the gun lobby is most definitely fueled by firearms/ammunition sales.

According to ATFB in 2013 10,844,792
total firearms were produced in the states. None of these were for military, but did include police departments. Exports totaled 393,121. Imports totaled 5,539,539. Grand total for 2013 was a net plus 15,991,210 firearms.

For years the ammunition companies were unable to supply demand in the states. Not so much shotgun shells, but pistol calibre, the all time plinking round .22 along w/military style 5.56 NATO and 7.62x 39.

2014 spending gun rights Vs. gun control in the states.

Independent Campaign Spending- GR $28,638,201 GC $13,643,045
Direct Federal Campaign Spending-GR $2,125,598 GC $399,750
Federal Lobby Spending- GR $9,287,728 GC $ 1,378,073

$40,051,527 Vs. $15,420,868 Gun rights spending almost 2.6X more and fueled by the sales leading to superior contributions in a nutshell.
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