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How do most people carry their big white lenses?

I have a Canon 600mm f4 MkII which I use with a Canon 7D2 in the main. I have a Gitzo 3532LS tripod and Wimberley 2 gimbal head, although sometimes shoot hand held in hides resting on a bean bag.

I just wondered how other people carry their DSLR plus "big white" lens when out photographing birds?

Do most people just carry the camera+lens mounted on the tripod over their shoulder? Is this safe, or do people worry about undue stresses on the lens/camera coupling etc?

Or do people carry camera and lens in a large case such as the Lowepro Lens Trekker 600 AW and their tripod separately? And then set up the rig when ready to take photos (eg in a hide).

Does anyone dare risk carrying their DSLR plus "big white" over their shoulder using a Black Rapid strap, or similar? Some people advise that the thread on the screw is not up to carrying the weight involved. Any recommendations on better straps/setups?

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