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Originally Posted by Robert / Seattle View Post
Hi Sancho,

In addition to window mounting, a very real advantage to a straight scope is if you ever want to use it attached to a Nikon SLR for "through-the-lens" photography using this attachment:

It's a lot more secure than a digiscope apparatus, and may just be one of those incremental advantages to a straight scope over an angled one.

Very personal, but I like it with my ED60 and ED82 Fieldscopes.

Sincerest thanks, Robert. In my case, the window-mounting and digiscoping advantages of straight scopes donīt apply, īcos I donīt digiscope and never bird from a car. But I can appreciate how your advice is spot on for those who do. Iīve always found angled scopes a real pain in the ..... from a hide, though.
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