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Thank you all, for taking the time to share

Originally Posted by Lisa W View Post
Hi Bill, depending on whether they are migrating hummers or ones that stay and breed. During migration Iíve seen them at the feeders till almost midnight. As far as early in the am? That is what makes me a bad birder, I donít get up early.
Hello Lisa
I've started keeping an eye out later into the evening.
Waking up early isn't so much for me, it's staying awake at that early hour.
Thank goodness for coffee.

Originally Posted by TFM70 View Post
During the sumer when the days are long, I've watched the feeders till they quit feeding and I have never seen one go past 9:00 PM
That's pretty much what I see here. Doubt we're far apart in latitude and daylight-nighttime hours. Our longest day here, has sunset at 8:40pm...on the summer solstice. By 9 o'clock pm.

I'm curious about full moons...
and activity extending further into the night time hours.
As Lisa mention, I've seen migrating warblers at all hours of the night. When the moon is out and bright ...I've seen various unidentified species flying across the face of the moon.

Have a notion to mount another feeder out of the shadows, and into direct sun and moon light. Days that are close to full moons in August and September., might prove productive.
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