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Originally Posted by Canip View Post
Wishing you much fun with your new Vixen !!

I own an SG 6.5x32 since March 2017 and have been very happy with them. With their individual focusing, they are marketed as astro bino, but at 6.5x magnification, I find them quite usable also at daytime.

They got very good reviews recently here

and here
(there is a translate button at the top of the website)

I am looking forward to your comments.
I now also own the Vixen Artes J 8x42 binocular which to my eyes gives the same crystal clear sharp view as the Vixen SG 6.5x32. Now if Vixen could only produce a 6x32 center focus rubber armor roof prism using the same ED glass used in both the SG 6.5x32 and the Artes J binocular.
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