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There is such a binoculars - Maven B3 6x30.
I was choosing between B3 and SG 6.5x32, and went with SG. Cause it has more TFOV 9* vs 8.5*.
After a week of using SG 6.5x32 i can share my initial impressions.

This is very good binoculars for general daytime use.
AFOV around 57* plus 6.5x gives good panorama for landscapes. I found 3D is quite good, almost as in 8x32 Porro. Very good axis sharpness
and contrast. Plus neutral color reproduction. The picture is close to the picture through Habicht 8x30 Porrro. And even more contrasty because of better baffling in SG.

It looks that Vixen has used same eyepieces from Vixen Foresta 8x32 Porro.
Same AFOV, same low level of pincushion distortion, same level of aberrations correction in both binoculars.

IF focusing is ok for me. I can look at targets from 25-30m till the infinity. Like in any 7x35\7x50 binoculars with CF. Flying birds in 30-50m are beautiful. No fringing around a silhouette.
Close focus is 4m (to my eyes).

6.5x is enough for distances up to 100-150m.

Concerning the main purpose of the binoculars - StarGazing, SG is not very good in this. It gives big TVOF, but the aberrations correction over the field of view is average. Much worse than in Fujinon FMT 7x50. The outer one third of the field is very soft. Stars are invisible at the edge because of strong eye pupil vignetting and aberrations.

Eye relief is around 11-12mm from collapsed eyecups. I can see almost all TVOF through the sun glasses.
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