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Originally Posted by LeNomenclatoriste View Post
Elliotomyia, gen. nov.

Type species: Trochilus chionogaster Tschudi, 1846.

Included species:

Elliotomyia chionogaster (Tschudi, 1846) - Ariane à ventre blanc; White-bellied Hummingbird
Elliotomyia viridicauda (von Berlepsch, 1883) - Ariane du Pérou; Green-and-white Hummingbird

Gender feminine
But remember what they wrote earlier:

We also cannot find support for the statement by Schuchmann (1999) that these species had been “often alternatively placed in genus Chionogaster”, or indeed that the name Chionogaster has ever been used in a generic sense: it does not appear in Zoonomen (Peterson 2009) or in any of the synonymies of the original sources we have consulted. A new generic name for chionogaster and viridicauda is therefore necessary.
There is still the chance that there is a souce they haven't consulted.

In fact Schuchmann wrote nothing from often. Here is what we find in HBW:

In the past, alternatively placed in genus Chionogaster, along with A. viridicauda; sympatric with latter species in Urubamba Valley (C Peru), where hybridization not yet demonstrated.
Maybe in Hummingbirds, Their Life and Behavior: A Photographic Study of the North American Species?

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