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Originally Posted by Taphrospilus View Post
Synopsis Avium ab Alcide d’Orbigny, in ejus per Americam meridionalem itinere, collectarum et ab ipso viatore necnon a de Lafresnaye in ordine redactarum
This means "Synopsis of the birds collected by Alcide d'Orbigny, in his voyage through southern America, and written in order by this traveller as well as de Lafresnaye". Based on this, I would regard both d'Orbigny and Lafresnaye as the authors of the work.

However, if a name in this work is explicitly attributed to d'Orbigny alone, then Art. 50.1 says:
If a work is by more than one person but it is clear from the contents that only one of these is responsible for the name or act, then that person is the author
...and d'Orbigny alone is the author of this name.
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