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Originally Posted by dae33 View Post
It came out, that it were dew traces at outer lenses only. I was able to clean it with stronger than isopropyl liquid for photo lenses.
But anyway, Vixen SG has strange feature: eyepiece lenses fogged out almost every time, i take them in house. I need to mention, that i live in a high humidity area. In house humidity is around 35-45%, while outside is 80-95%.

Before cleaning
Dew traces? Hmmm, I have had that issue of spotting a few times on lenses but mine was attributed to me sneezing and not covering my equipment well enough. That spotting could have been a lot of things. Unless the foreign material that gets accidentally on your outside lenses is clean water, itís always going to be a big pain to clean them back completely clean. Here in North East Florida(Jacksonville) which is about 7-8 miles from the Atlantic Ocean as the crow flies, itís a fifty fifty toss every time I leave my condo because of the high humidity that the lenses on my equipment will fog up on the outside when leaving or exiting my car to go back inside where it stays until it evaporates or I wipe it off. The Vixens are supposed to fog on the outside instead of the inside, that shows the binocular is still sealed properly.
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