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Originally Posted by jurek View Post
Unfortunately yes. Plant products required to replace micro-nutrients and aminoacids from meat would produce enormous carbon footprint themselves. Veggies simply compare eating meat with eating grass, or at best eating corn and grain.

Not even starting to introduce finer points, which average veggie finds too difficult to understand. Most land used for raising livestock is impossible to convert to productive cultivation. The land used for extensive ranching of livestock for meat cattle - the least productive kind - is often the best habitat for wildlife, precisely because most carbon is unused by livestock so can nurtue wildlife.
Wow, my wife is veggie for about 40 years and never yet bothered to replace her vital micro-nutrients and aminoacids from meat. Assuming what you wrote is trustworthy and not made-up complete garbage id Better warn her as she is surely headed straight for an early grave. Surprised she is still alive tbh.
Maybe she will be too stupid to understand though?

More veggie propaganda here

In case anyone wants an alternative to pub bore drivel

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