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Originally Posted by publin View Post
HI! this another porro 8x30 germany made bino. as can see nintage bino this brand " sib" optics as I CHECK on the internet they make night vision bino"s for army telescopic sight"s and more combat items and bino"s. this for binastro also joachim to observe this german brand [ they have internet site "sib optic" or "sib binoculars" ] PREDUCE items for army"s / combat
So many of the inferior, plastic based binoculars claim to be “military.” This includes so many binoculars with mega-unrealistic stated magnifications. I’ve spent a career in military and civilian optics and can tell you:

Governments don’t buy that plastic, center-focus crap for their soldiers and sailors, and to think they buy ZOOM binoculars is the height of ludicrous. These are people with no integrity who are taking advantage of the fact that those people who slept through 7th through 11th grade Science class will believe anything they see written on a binocular’s backplate, no matter how stupid. Also, they often get THAT nomenclature wrong. A REAL manufacturer would not advertise their bino as having “Bak4” prisms; the designation is “BaK4”—capital "K." Only the unknowing or uncaring would make such a blunder.
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