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Originally Posted by Sangahyando View Post
Well, here in Northern Germany, there's a lot of pasture land on even ground, too. And for conservationists, it's a constant fight to keep farmers from turning it into agricultural fields (usually maize, for the production of "renewable energy"). Because the pastures, if properly managed, are critically important for Lapwings, BT Godwits, Curlews, and a number of other species typical for the region. Whereas the maize fields are notoriously poor in biodiversity and the only thing that thrives there is wild boar.
Maybe the adherents of the Church of Veganism want to explain how to ensure a healthy plant- (and fungi, or are they verboten, too?) based diet while still maintaining local biodiversity and importing as little food as possible. And taking AGW into account at the same time, of course.
A lot of the maize will also be for cattle feed, though - and that highlights an important point in meat-eating diets: make sure you select locally raised organic grass-fed beef etc., rather than 'industrial' feedlot beef raised (often in horrific conditions like this) with intensively grown maize / soy feed.
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