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HI BINASTRO! my last thread answer was for the gentelman WJC that answer with out target with not serious answers about BAK4 not written on " real manufacturer" as my picture you can see some of mine collection 8x32 levenhuk [get high score on B.B.R SITE BEST BINOCULAR REVIEW] AND CELESTRON 8x42 outland famous brand"s in u.s.a labaled with bak4 and f.o.v .about this SIB OR NEWCON maybe it is realy not high quality not german maybe? can see coated/multi coated lenses by picture? I can see too the okular lenses [ not on this bino] but realy multi coated ocular lenses are appear big and deep like magnifying glass and you can"t see the inside of the barrel this is mine examine of real coted [ but only on viewing pictures] .thanks
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