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regarding a 10x30 pair, I would recommend that you try one in person if you haven't already. The format is not everybodies cup of tea with the small exit pupil (and thus less light and difficult eye placement), smaller true field and more difficult to hold steady.

I personally use a 10x42 only when I know that I will be only looking for distant stuff.

As for the models mentioned, the HGL as a former alpha is certainly the best one, but not very small and light for a32mm pair. It is also strongly recommended for use with glasses.

The Swaro is not bad (as it should be regarding the price) but there was a quite improved new model a few years ago...

Nikon M7 8x30 is the standard answer for low price compact and does a lot of things right (except for glare control and only average eye relief for use with glasses). Not sure about the 10x30 due to less popularity...

The Zeiss Terras are so-so, except for the 25mm pocket models which are decent in their class.

Don't know the Styrka.

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