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Originally Posted by pianoman View Post
Plastic bag use was never about carbon footprint - more about preventing waste buildup, so don't go merrily using lots of plastic again.

Regarding meat, the choices are not just between "ravening carnivore" and "strict vegan"; it is possible to reduce meat consumption greatly, especially beef. The right recipes can give you that hearty meal experience with some, but much less, meat.

The whole meat thing seems to be getting more polarized and quasi-religious, along with everything else it seems. Of course there are mainstream religions for which vegetarianism is part of the observance; I'm not referring to that. And there are other conscientious reasons you might wish to become vegan, aside from carbon footprint.
Pretty much agree with all of this.

Re bags, we were on holiday in Nelson BC a few years back and the bags were hemp based, and therefore recyclable. Seemed a simple idea that would be easy to adopt.

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