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Originally Posted by Mike Montier View Post
Thanks Martin.
Pep has also confirmed the sighting.
I saw what I believe was a Hume’s warbler at Porto Colom last year but without hearing the call or having photographs, I chose not submit it.
I was told that Yellow-browed warblers can vary quite a lot so a dull individual could not be ruled out.
The finder of this recent sighting is a top class birder so it seems likely to be accepted.
I feel sure other species from the east arrive in Mallorca every year but have until recently gone unnoticed.
The recent records of two Red-flanked Bluetail would seem to confirm this.
Lots more out there to go and find!
Sorry for the delay to answer, I've not much time free lately. Yes, the birder who found the bird is a top birder, one of the best ones in Spain, if not the best one! We had to meet in Formentor that day but I could not arrive there in time, so when I arrived the bird had gone. The Hume's appeared with a YBW, so there were 2 rarities in the same place! I've seen a photo of the bird, and the call was recorded too.

When I arrived there I could see other interesting birds, 3 Dunnocks, 3 Goldcrests and a Wrambling, so seems that there is a lot of movement now!
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