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Had an early start the next day to head down to El Pinet salinas, and took a route through the pine scrub from the Urb down to the top end of La Marina. The scrub was full of singing warblers and also a nice surprise to find a:
39. Great Spotted Cuckoo*
40. Magpie
41. Little Owl

El Pinet salinas held good numbers of some species, SB gulls, especially, but also most of the "usual" species:
42. Avocet
43. Shelduck
44. Common tern
45. Slender-billed gull*
46. Kentish plover*
47. Little stint*
48. Whiskered tern*
49. Mediterranean gull*
50. Black-headed gull

Also, as I headed back home, a loud song came from the scrub near El Pinet Urbanizacion:
51. Nightingale*

And a ride along the Urb canals revealed a pair of
52. Glossy Ibis*

Later in the day, we headed to La Marina beach, where I added:
53. Audouin's gull*

The next day, we had a day trip into the mountains NW of Benidorm (by bus), heading up to the waterfalls at Partida Algar and then on to Guadalest. The waterfalls were very picturesque, although quite busy, but still a lot of "SPanish upland" scenery and nature. A few species added to the list:
54. Wren
55. Cetti's warbler*
56. Mallard

Guadalest was also impressive, and following a leisurely al fresco lunch, we had a wander around the ancient ramparts. Of course, the list also edged forward:
57. Robin
58. Coal tit (a species I've seen very few times in Spain)
59. Black redstart

Oh, and from the bus, at Santa Pola salinas:
60. Common Pochard

* 9 species not on an earlier list
World life list: 536 (Terek Sandpiper, Abu Dhabi, UAE; September 2019)
UK life list: 228 (Red-backed Shrike, Newbiggin, UK; December 2018)
Morpeth Garden list: 70 (Willow Tit, October 2019)
2019 year list: 235 (Snow Bunting, Bamburgh; October)

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