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Pinyon Jay, Gray Flycatcher, and Juniper Titmouse are all found (some easier than others) in the area around Pocatello. Gray FC and the titmouse can be found at Kinney Creek, which lies in the Mink Creek Recreation Area. Here are the Google Map coordinates for Kinney Creek:


Pinyon Jay is irregular in the area. An eBird search should give you locations where they've been seen in the last few years. There's a boat ramp on the South Fork of the Snake that has hosted them (and they've been seen in the general area), and there's one neighborhood in Pocatello that has had them (I saw them last year after seven years of 1x/yr. searches).

Also, as to the SE Owls on fence posts - it's happened a few times, but they've been tougher to see the last few years.

I know all of this because I lead birding tours to Idaho each summer. I'll be up there June 5-18 this year. I also lived in the state for two years and am on the team that holds the Big Day record for the state.

If you'd like more information, my email is sgross77 AT comcast DOT net
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