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Originally Posted by steveo
Great call on ordering Birdwatching in Vermont it is a great book with tons of info on all of these subjucts and more. Bicknell's thrush is on Mount Mansfield(Stowe Mountain Resort) tough to locate but if you get up there early and watch the tops of the short pines one just might find you. You can hike up one of many trails or drive up on the toal road. Bobolinks seem very common in the grass fields in stowe. Broad winged hawks nest behind the Green Mountain Inn Mansfield House above the back parking lot in the tall pines. I'll post anything good from the upcoming spring/summer here. Good luck
It looks like all the North American thrushes might breed at the Bicknell's spot, save Gray-cheeked. I remmeber reading somewhere that they al have different elevation preferences though; wood thrush in the lowlands, veery a little farther up, then hermit, then swainson's, then Bicknell's. Do you have any personal experience, Steveo, of this species? Any good way to separate it from other thrushes at a glance if it isn't singing. It will be singing in July, right? I really hope it will!
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