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Hi David,

I'm semi-seriously considering buying these (shame Meopta doesn't offer MeoStar B1 10x50 HD, I'd grab one immediately; the Swarovski EL 10x50 is too expensive for me).
I like the look of the MeoStar as well, with the bullet shaped barrels, the 50mm especially looks most aesthetically balanced in my opinion (and I like the fact they're made in my homeland...)

But the thing is, the MeoStar B1 series has been for a while, and with indications such as the MeoStar S2 spotting scope with MeoDrop hydrophobic coatings which are not advertised on the B1 series, or the MeoStar R2 riflescope with new (?) MeoLux AR coating boasting unbeliveable light transmittion figures for the whole instrument, I wondered if they are maybe planning something new (MeoStar B2?) that they're not telling us about yet, and that maybe you might have caught some fragments of info regarding that.

Did you try to se if the lens on this MeoStar repel water?
And what about diffraction spikes, did you happen to see any?

Many thanks.

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