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Originally Posted by Jhanlon View Post
OK cheers, will have a think about it. Doesn't seem to be much support for the cheaper add-ons like the filters, then.

I've always been reluctant since I borrowed one from a BF member to photograph a baby newt and realised the pics were not much better than my own (taken with a basic compact). 'Who needs macro?' he laughed when we compared the shots!
Personally James, I'd definitely skip the filters. Splash the cash on the mark ii Canon and you hardly need a macro lens! Only the cost of a few of island twitches. ;-)

For cheaper options many superzooms, such as the HS50, make excellent macro cameras, and are great for when you can't be bothered to lug the the SLR about. So, although a few hundred quid, they would have a birding use too. Otherwise the Tamron is a great budget buy second hand. You're welcome to have a go with mine if you fancy a trip across the county border.

I've just splashed out 250 on a macro flash so I'll be out taking macro shots this weekend, rare birds allowing.
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