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Another option is the Oly TG-4 (or the new TG-5) with 'in camera' focus stacking and a 1 cm closest focussing distance. Options of led light guide ring illumination or flash light guide ring illumination using simple adaptors. (Early reviewers only had the LED unit.)

This review carries on down the page a long way and links into three further parts: a two part field test and a conclusion.

I can do much the same thing with my E-M1 and 60mm macro lens, however with the TG-5 on the way, the TG-4 is available for less than the 60mm lens on its own.

It won't suit everyone, but it is certainly an option.

The fixed screen is not ideal, but the other attributes make up for it. Using the light guides is easy as long as you locate all the menu items required to make them work.

Like all Olympus cameras you can configure it to swing upside down from its perch, hanging by one claw while whistling Dixie, but this flexibility comes at a price, fortunately not monetary in this case.

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