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samaliyae ... ?

Now let´s have a short look at the obscure name …

samaliyae as in:
● the subspecies Ochrospiza/Crithagra/Serinus mozambica/mozambicus samaliyae WHITE 1947 (here) as "Serinus mozambicus samaliyæ", no dedication, nor explanation given
● the subspecies (Aplopelia) Columba larvata samaliyae (here) WHITE 1948 as "Aplopelia simplex samaliyæ", ditto; no dedication, nor explanation given

The first Bird, the Serin, was collected in 1939, in Southern Belgian Kongo, and the latter, the Dove, was collected in 1948, in Northwestern Rhodesia. Both in the "Mwinilunga district" (in today´s Zambia).

I would guess it´s an eponym as Samaliya is still today a not uncommon name (both as First- or Family name) in that part of Africa. Or possibly a Toponym? Note that there was (for example) a; Samaliya (Kiganja) Tea Estate, near Masaka (in central Uganda).

Or does anyone know the explanation of this all unknown scientific name?
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