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Very well said Bruce

Originally Posted by BruceH View Post
Jerry .... I have no connection with Optics Planet other than as a customer. I get no commissions, discounts, promotions, favors, etc other than what is offered to everyone else which I post here. I have no connection with anyone there and I do not even know the names of anyone there. So to directly address your insinuation, I do not profit in any way from posting on binocular bargains.

The reason I post more promotions from Optics Planet is simple. Optics Planet is much more active in promotions by far than any other vendor. If you were to scroll back through the history of posts in this thread, you will find I also post about bargains from B & H Photo, Tract, Cameraland, Red Hawk, and others. I would love to post more promotions from multiple vendors but that is kind of difficult when they do not have promotions to promote. If I hear about them and they look to be appropriate, I post them. I just happen to post more from Optics Planet than I do others because they have more promotions. It is that simple.

It would be great if I had a crystal ball and knew when someone was looking for a sale or discount and then I could post at only that time. Since that is not possible, I let other readers know what is going on when I find out about it with the thought in mind that it may be helpful to some at that moment. Thus the reason for frequent posts. You appear to be well situated in life and so a 10% discount may not mean much to you but I doubt if that is the case for all that read this thread and that small bit of savings means they can get something a little bit nicer or maybe it is just enough to get something so they can start their birding hobby.

This is a great Forum and not only do I learn a lot about binoculars but I also get a lot of pleasure out of most of the conversations with other members. (This is not one of those conversations.) It is important that if you partake, then you should try to give something in return. I do not have the technical expertise as some here so I have to make my contribution in areas where I do have something to offer. Sharing what is going on with good deals in one way to make a contribution. I also comment in other areas where I think I can be of help on the public forum and in PM's (which I have done for you on at least a couple of occasions). I specifically like to contribute to the Bargains thread because I have benefited multiple times due to other members welling to take the time and effort to post on a deal they just saw. Helping others is very rewarding. You might want to try it more often.

What is "to much" is your continued ongoing long term nastiness to other members of this Forum. You have a long history of and I am not the first one to point it out. This is a very diverse group of people from all over that world and that is one of the main reasons why this is such a great and enjoyable site. Not everyone does or sees things Jerry's way.

If you should still have a problem after reading my explanation, then let me offer a couple of suggestions. First, just scroll right on past the post to the next one. If that does not work for you, then the Forum has an ignore feature. Put me on your ignore list and you will not have to see my posts. I point this out to you because I plan to continue to post in this thread under the rules of the Forum as usual. Your attacks and negative insinuations have run off others over the years but that is not how I tick.

One other suggestion for you Jerry: If you have saved a few bucks in optics equipment purchases over the years based on what you gleaned from this thread (such as the Botech tripod sale) you might want to consider giving a small amount of that back as a contribution to the Forum that made the savings possbie. It is always good to give something in return. As Bill would say, "Just a thought'.

Hopefully this addresses your concerns.
We are very lucky to have Bruce doing the work of researching and reporting on the sales he finds-and don't think that doesn't take some time and effort to do, Jerry. There were times when I really needed that 10% to be able to buy something, so I know how that can be. I am very appreciative of Bruce's contributions, not only on sale reports but in general support to others here. I can't say the same about you Jerry, nor even me for that matter, but I am working on that.

Feel free to put me on your ignore list as well, if that is what gets you through all these annoying (for you) posts, Jerry.

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