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Originally Posted by NDhunter View Post

I see you are still keeping up your pace of posting discounts. Those are quite common and they
do differ among merchants.

Bargains are another thing entirely and that is hard to determine without careful scrutiny.

I don't see that in many of the posts recently on here, and you are not the only one.

I have purchased from Optics Planet, and regard them as a very good source of many things from
optics to sunglasses.

I do not like spam, and often unsubscribe from those who like to fill my mailbox, with unwanted stuff.

Don't spam me bro. Birdforum is much the same.

Think about that for a minute.

The thread was originally started by Kevin Purcell, not NDHunter. Here is what the original poster had to say in post number one where he describes what he had in mind for this thread.

"Consider this thread to be like the "binocular ramblings" thread as an ongoing thread to share the "best deals" you've found on the net."

In order to get a better idea for the spirit of a deal, here is one posted by the originator of the thread and it turns out to be an offer from Optics Planet.

" 5% coupon MD49EN until May 24th."

As requested, let me think about that for a minute: Tick, tick, tick, .......

Ok, back. Looks like 10% can be considered a deal in the original spirit of this thread. If a 10% or a 5% savings is the best available, then that is the best deal. Some may consider it a bargain and buy, others may pass.

A 10% discount savings may not be much on a $50 binocular but it is a significant savings on a $2,500 to $3,000 top tier model. There is no way of telling what a reader is considering to buy and what amount is significant for that person. If it is an inexpensive model and the savings is not enough, then the reader can scroll on by. If it does result in a meaningful amount for the reader, then that is great and I suspect the reader was happy to come across the post.

Also keep in mind that the 10% or more savings can be stacked with a model that is also on sale and with any manufacturer rebates. The end result is a deal much more than 10%. Here is an example of stacking that allowed me to buy my new in box Zeiss 10X42 Conquest HD at a 33% savings.

Then there are those that buy multiple binoculars over the year. Ten percent may not be a whole lot on one unit purchased, but it can amount to a significant amount over the year when considering everything purchased. Hopefully most can see the bigger picture here.

How about this. Would one be gleeful about saving $100 on a Cabela's Guide when buying, as I recall, a $250 binocular for $150 but then disregard a $295 savings on a Zeiss SF because it only had a 10% savings. Let me think about that for a minute. Tick, tick, tick, .........

Just as we all have are own definition of what is a good binocular, we can all have our own idea of what constitutes a good deal. The expression of either should not be stifled. So as originally described in the first post, some of us will post the "deals" that we find and NDHunter can do the "ramblings".
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