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Originally Posted by Patudo View Post
I think we are just showing our age my friend. I think the BMW E39 5-series, for instance, is a most cleanly and attractively styled car; but my younger colleagues at work much prefer the looks of the F10 and later models.

It wouldn't surprise me that the pre-war generation who had used things like Galilean binoculars and Barr & Stroud CF41s also thought that Dialyts and Trinovids were modern and zany when they appeared.
The E39 Touring was always my favourite! And for sure after seeing nothing but porro prism binos for years the Trinovids and Dialyts looked like binos from outer space in the same racy and streamlined way that Fender's Stratocaster looked like it was from a different world compared with Gibson's big hollow-bodies.

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