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Originally Posted by Vollmeise View Post
This afternoon I'll go to Treppendorf/Germany (largest audio store in europe) for an equipment demonstration and hope to be able to try out my stuff and the gear you recommended in side-by-side comparison. My idea is to place my smartphone / a speaker somewhere in the store playing some bird calls.
Sounds promising! :-)

A couple of years ago, I bought a digital recorder with built-in pre-amplifiers from that store years ago, but found that in my urban spotting locations, there was just too much background noise to sustain my enthusiasm. (I shied back from buying shotgun microphones as I thought it was a bad bet to expect them to eliminate the background noise.)

However, I was given a Cornell Raven Lite license for christmas, which I suppose must be a pretty good spectrum analysis tool, so maybe I need some fodder for that now ...


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