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Originally Posted by Vollmeise View Post
Hi Borjam, thanks for your detailed reply. I'm sure your suggestions will help getting better sound quality with less noise.. but I have no idea how much better in comparison to my setup, which is about half the price.
Difficult to say...

These recordings are made with an AKG C300B+CK98 shotgun and a Sound Devices MixPre 3.

The wren was about 10 m away (I overstated the 15 m I think)

And the blackcap, which seemed to be arguing with the wren (it's the same individual in the same situation) about 2 - 3 m away from my position.

The ME66 or ME67 is much more sensitive and it has a lower noise figure. This is not a perfectly quiet place anyway, it's the coast, close to urban areas, inside the approach area of the airport...

A piece of advice anyway.

When listening to the recordings try not to raise the volume too much. Try to achieve a natural level. Otherwise even the very best equipment will sound quite dirty

And yes, the best thing you can do is to visit a good place and test equipment. Just take yours, make a couple of recordings of store abience and compare the noise levels.

So visiting Thomann :) I purchased my MixPre 3 from them, but online. I am in Spain.

And I am adding a separate thread on an interesting offer I just saw.

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