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Yet another, last try ...
Aplopelia larvata samaliyae
White (1965:163) quotes the type-locality of this dove as Mwinilunga, but this is erroneous. In his original description (White, 1948, Bull. Brit. Orn. Cl., 69:20) he gave the type-locality as Kansoku forest in Mwinilunga District. Benson et al. (1971) gives the co-ordinates of Kansoku as 12°22'S., 24°05'E., following Benson and White (1975). These co-ordinates place Kansoku on the Zambia/Angola border, where there appears to be no such named locality. However, there are three rivers in this general area of south-western Mwinilunga District named respectively Kansoka, Kansoko and Kansoku. White (in litt.) tells me that he collected the specimen on a stream where the Mwinilunga plateau slopes rather sharply to the drainage of the Lusongwa River. The Kansoko (sic) Stream exactly fits this description, and is a tributary of the Lusongwa; the type-locality would be at about 12°14'S., 24°10'E. ...

[from the Zambia Museums Journal, vol.5, 1980 (here)]
Thereby I would assume it would be more worth looking for the origin of samaliyae (eponym? toponym?), in that particular area, somewhere in the cross-road/border region of Eastern Zambia, Northwestern Angola and Southern Congo.

Again: For what it´s worth.

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