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Originally Posted by Xenospiza View Post
There's still quality in Cuc Phuong, but all in all a depressing country. Amazing not even to see egrets or stilts in the rice paddies.
Depression is a bit subjective, isn't it? I don't find 50 species in a day so very depressing. The ricefields alongside Highway 1 in the South have plenty of the 3 common egrets and I saw over 150 Blackwinged Stilts on saltpans near Highway 1 yesterday (South Annam).

But this is getting way off the question:
The best place in HCM City WITHOUT A GUIDE is the SaiGon Zoo (Thao Cam Vien), just a $1 taxi ride from the city centre and lots of wild birds, in addition to the zoo specimens, although not as many as 50 species in a day, you should get 20+ in a couple of hours. Make sure you arrive at opening time (7.00AM) and not later in the day, and be prepared to look high up in the trees.
Here's a recent link (not mine):
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