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Originally Posted by Chosun Juan View Post
..... I wonder what effect the large areas of land clearing and open cut mining, and widespread hydrological functioning disruption (capture of overland flows, degradation /destruction of wetlands, and the soil sponge, and intersection and draining of natural aquifers, etc) is having on the tendency of the country to store increasing heat) ........ ??

This phenomenon is studied and understood in urban /suburban environments (Urban Heat Islands become Urban Heat Continents: ), but if the broader landscape effect is studied in the scientific realms it is certainly not making it onto the mainstream media radar....
Originally Posted by Nohatch View Post
Hi Chosun,

..... I think we can all agree that the effects are unequivocally bad. Restoring natural habitats is one of the IPCC and UN recommendations, although whether national leaders have the foresight to put this into action remains to be seen. Personally, I'd love to see a big drive towards MAGA (Making America/Australia Green Again!)
And on topic, you're probably interested in this as a starting point:

Indeed they are and I can send you some papers to start you off if you like? The fact that it doesn't make it into the mainstream media doesn't mean much, and is understandable given that the research is often very technical & detailed - and highlights plenty of inconvenient truths...

Hi Joost,

If you have any cutting edge research to pass on regarding these microclimate /landscape effects of vegetation clearing /hydrological cycle damage and resultant heat storage, and what part this plays in the overall pie - I'd be very interested

(I did request some papers through Research gate around Natural Sequence Farming techniques and follow on landscape scale studies, but my request is not coming through despite the author having apparently received it - and thanks to a browser hijacking and system reboot courtesy of an uninvited Samsung - all my bookmarks disappeared, and I have no idea what the titles /authors of the papers were - most annoying! :)


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